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The company's recurrent budget is funded from vehicular tolls and Government subvention, paid in lieu of foregone revenue occasioned by free passage of passengers. This arrangement is courtesy of a Memorandum of Understanding the Government and .


Safety is one of our prime strategic objectives and corporate mission. Safety to us encompasses both the ferry operations and our office set ups. For this reason nothing has been left to chance. Safety equipment and procedures are well documented and regularly ...


Security is one of the major day to day occupations of the organisation. Kenya Ferry Services has put in place elaborate security measures intended to forestall any breakdown in security procedures. The Kenya Police and hired private guards are always at hand to ensure ...


This website is intended to be an instrument of communication between Kenya Ferry Services and its customers and business partners. It's intention is to adequately enlighten the general public on the various aspects pertaining to the operations of Kenya Ferry Services, its challenges, its achievements and the future of the services it provides.
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